Sunday, August 16, 2009

{i've moved}

Blogger just isn't doing what I need it to do anymore, so I've got a new blog! Please update your bookmarks so you can find me!

find me here

See ya on the other side!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

{john & beth sneak peek}

I know you usually are supposed to put the bride's name first in these sort of things, but the groom happens to be my brother, so I reserve the right to be a bit untraditional! Like them, the wedding was fun and perfect. They exchanged vows barefoot in sand in Beth's mom's backyard since a trip to the beach would not have allowed all their friends and family to be present. So instead, they brought the beach to them! Complete with tiki bar and boardwalk, everything looked great. I was charged with capturing all the sweet moments. My first wedding shoot, and probably my most important one! Major stress aside, I think I was able to get a few good ones. I hope they will agree when they finally get to see. I'm still in the midst of editing the 800 photos I took over the weekend, but here's one of my faves to tide everyone over. The rest to come soon!

Speaking of family, I'm lucky enough to be part of a new, fantastic site for moms and women in general:

You've got to go check it out! Lots of good, easy to read info and resources there. I've already spent hours browsing through everything! And once in a while, you may just see some content by yours truly. Be sure to bookmark it!

Here's to love and family. Cheers!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

{joy to the fishes}

Some of you long-term fans may remember a collab kit I did sometime ago with the uber-talented Anglea Powers. I have now completely updated and added to that kit. A few of you who leave me a nice comment with an email address might receive this kit for free!

Fish stream by in clustered groups as bubbles rise from nooks and crannies. Waves move the water gently from side to side, and whales lazily breathe water into the sky. Seaweed dance to the song of the sea. This is the underwater world that captivates adults and children alike!

As tropical as the Deep Blue Sea martini (recipe included in kit), Joy To The Fishes is a kit that embodies our love of the ocean! Use it to capture a trip to the beach, a cruise, or a day in the pool.

As a bonus, when you purchase this kit, you get a set of quickpages for free! Also, during happy hour, newsletter and blog readers save an extra 10%! Use coupon code JTTF10 to receive this extra discount.

I did a page with it myself:

And my CT did an awesome job!

I can't wait to see what all of you create with it! Cheers!

Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm off to CHA! Wish me luck! I can't wait to see all my scrappy friends! Photos will follow when I return :)


Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am beginning to get a bit nervous about my upcoming first real photography gig: my brother's wedding. I think he is nuts, but he actually wants me to document this momentous occasion (none of us actually thought it would ever happen). So, I've been surfing the internet for countless ideas and inspiration. I thought I would share a few of my favorites:

  • Jessica Claire: Not only does she share my youngest daughter's first and middle names, but she is hands-down my favorite wedding photographer. She even includes exposure details on her blog.

  • Brenda Acuncius: Brenda is a beautiful woman herself, and has amazing talent for capturing the essence of childhood.

  • Andrea Burns: This woman has got exposure down to a science!

  • Shari Barnes: A fellow scrapbooker and a fabulous photographer. Period.

I am just beginning to build my list. If you know of any outstanding photographers, please link me! I'd love to see!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


In 4 days, I leave for Orlando alone. My flight has been booked for over a month and my hotel reservation awaits my arrival. I am, for the most part, a travel virgin. I have only flown twice. Once with my new husband to Mexico for our honeymoon. Once by myself to visit a friend across the country. While the flying itself does not bother me in the least, it is all the details that un-nerve me. Flight confirmations? Transportation from the airport? Rules and regulations? I hope to at least gain experience so that these things are no longer so foreign to me!

However nervous I am about the trip, I am three times as much excited! I will get to spend time with friends I have only ever talked to and who can truly appreciate this craft that I immerse myself in daily. Five child-free days to myself in one of my favorite cities, not to mention a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

shoppe talk

I have put the alpha from my Sweet Sixteen kit in the shoppe separately, so now those of you who do not want the full kit, but love the alpha, can have it!

This alpha is actually two separate alphas! The main alpha includes letters, numbers, European characters, and punctuation. Use the confetti alpha (letters and numbers) to layer underneath or to use separately!

A select few (including you!) can get this alpha at an extra 10% savings, today only. Simply use coupon code 16Alpha10 to receive the extra discount.


{sweet sixteen, part 2}

I cannot believe that I now have a 16-year old! If it was to happen, I do not think I could have gotten one any more beautiful:

The party was a booming success, and even the adults had a large time! We draped the patio gazebo in white and hot pink tulle, lights, and streamers to commemorate the occasion. Three dozen balloons filled the ceiling, and their long strings draped on the floor, creating a colorful curtain in which to linger.

A tent was placed in the yard opposite the pool and decorated with more draping tulle and lights. This spot housed the cupcake tower and a place to place gifts. It also held the candy bar, where guests could fill up their own takeout boxes with the confections of their choice.

The ring pops included in the candy bar were popular with the teens, as well as the smaller children.

When it was time to give out gifts, Morgan was a proper princess and gushed over each gift for the appropriate amount of time. I had to hurry her along, since the light was fast diminishing and I wanted to catch on film her expression when she opened her very last gift, from her parents and grandparents.

Morgan's closest friends attended, and she made sure to take time to pose with each of them.

All the glittering lights put quite a magical spell on the end of the evening.

Morgan's favorite part of the party? Sucking on helium balloons to make their voices sound like sqeaking chipmunks!

For a girl, turning 16 is a very special birthday. Hopefully, she will remember this occasion as the best party she had while still at home. Too soon she will no longer be living under our roof, so I only hope that this gave her something wonderful to remember in later years.

So it is documented, and you all don't think I have forgotten the promised prize from my last post, these girls will be receiving my Sweet 16 kit for free! I have already contacted them with their coupons. Congrats!