Wednesday, July 22, 2009

{sweet sixteen, part 2}

I cannot believe that I now have a 16-year old! If it was to happen, I do not think I could have gotten one any more beautiful:

The party was a booming success, and even the adults had a large time! We draped the patio gazebo in white and hot pink tulle, lights, and streamers to commemorate the occasion. Three dozen balloons filled the ceiling, and their long strings draped on the floor, creating a colorful curtain in which to linger.

A tent was placed in the yard opposite the pool and decorated with more draping tulle and lights. This spot housed the cupcake tower and a place to place gifts. It also held the candy bar, where guests could fill up their own takeout boxes with the confections of their choice.

The ring pops included in the candy bar were popular with the teens, as well as the smaller children.

When it was time to give out gifts, Morgan was a proper princess and gushed over each gift for the appropriate amount of time. I had to hurry her along, since the light was fast diminishing and I wanted to catch on film her expression when she opened her very last gift, from her parents and grandparents.

Morgan's closest friends attended, and she made sure to take time to pose with each of them.

All the glittering lights put quite a magical spell on the end of the evening.

Morgan's favorite part of the party? Sucking on helium balloons to make their voices sound like sqeaking chipmunks!

For a girl, turning 16 is a very special birthday. Hopefully, she will remember this occasion as the best party she had while still at home. Too soon she will no longer be living under our roof, so I only hope that this gave her something wonderful to remember in later years.

So it is documented, and you all don't think I have forgotten the promised prize from my last post, these girls will be receiving my Sweet 16 kit for free! I have already contacted them with their coupons. Congrats!



Lizzy said...

Beautiful photos Amy. Your DD is absolutely stunning! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for the beautiful kit :-)

Cherry said...

Stunning photos and I bet that this is the best birthday party ever! She's so beautiful and the whole scenery with the lights and lamps is gorgeous! I love that cookies!

Wondeful photos and congrats to the lucky girls of winning your new Kit:)


Priscilla said...

awww, looks like so much fun and she is a beautiful young lady!! I can't believe you have a daughter that age :D :D :D

Congrats to the ladies that won your kit!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures, and what a beautiful setting. I don't know where you live, but I live in the New York metro area, and here, Sweet 16 parties are overdone to the point of wondering what's left for a wedding. This was gorgeous, and
completely appropriate (I'm a total
sucker for tulle, lights and gazebos), and I'm fascinated with the coloring of the photos, which I'm assuming had a bit of retouching.

Your daughter and her friends seemed to be enjoying the party more than any I've seen in the wedding hall factories.

Also love the Sweet 16 kit-Sweet 16 meets Alice in Wonderland!

Kathleen in NJ