Wednesday, July 22, 2009


In 4 days, I leave for Orlando alone. My flight has been booked for over a month and my hotel reservation awaits my arrival. I am, for the most part, a travel virgin. I have only flown twice. Once with my new husband to Mexico for our honeymoon. Once by myself to visit a friend across the country. While the flying itself does not bother me in the least, it is all the details that un-nerve me. Flight confirmations? Transportation from the airport? Rules and regulations? I hope to at least gain experience so that these things are no longer so foreign to me!

However nervous I am about the trip, I am three times as much excited! I will get to spend time with friends I have only ever talked to and who can truly appreciate this craft that I immerse myself in daily. Five child-free days to myself in one of my favorite cities, not to mention a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

shoppe talk

I have put the alpha from my Sweet Sixteen kit in the shoppe separately, so now those of you who do not want the full kit, but love the alpha, can have it!

This alpha is actually two separate alphas! The main alpha includes letters, numbers, European characters, and punctuation. Use the confetti alpha (letters and numbers) to layer underneath or to use separately!

A select few (including you!) can get this alpha at an extra 10% savings, today only. Simply use coupon code 16Alpha10 to receive the extra discount.



crosseyedkat said...

Are you heading to CHA? If so, awesome! Enjoy every minute!