Tuesday, October 23, 2007

{getting cooler}

Memphis is one of those spots in the country where we only have two seasons: Hot and Cold. Last week it was mid-80's. Today, I'm in a sweater, and wearing socks! *gasp* You know it's cold when I suffer the socks. It's probably not even considered cold by most Northerners, but to me it's freakin' COLD. Good weather to stay in and scrap ;)

My middle daughter turns 10 on the 29th, and we're going to be celebrating this weekend. That reminds me...better get out and do some shopping! Kids, I swear. They always expect presents or something *teasing eyeroll* She and I sat down last night and made up these invitations to hand out to her friends:

I am not sure how it happened, but she is "little miss popular" in her school/grade. She says she's expecting about 19 kids. Ummm.....19??? Yikes! We are a family of small, intimate parties, so this will be a challenge! Should be fun, though....for her, anyway! LOL

{latest layouts}

Scrapologie's October kit was simply amazing! I love exercising my paper brain once in awhile (i mean the paper aspect of scrapping, not that my brain is made of paper!), and this kit was so much fun to play with!

Hoot: Yes, these are repeat photos, but I love them so much!

This Side Up: A captured moment between DH and DD. Love it when we can catch these non-posed shots!

Natural Beauty: A precious photo to me, because Helen hates to show her teeth when she smiles. I fought and fought with this one, but it ended up being my favorite!

Autumn Bouquet: Ranjini sent me these sweet little cone-shaped boxes, and I knew I had to do something with them! I thought they called for a perpetual bouquet. I am going to (eventually) make one for each season.

I spent last weekend in my hometown at their Octoberfest. Got lots of great pics. I'll edit those and share soon. Here's to more hours in the day! Cheers!


My Life and My Loves said...

oh amy. i just love that first layout! so purty.

Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful layouts!! I am a sucker for paper scrapping. And that craft...wowzers!! I want one!! :)

Danielle said...

You are so creative! I LOVE the birthday invitation you made and your layouts/artwork are always beautiful!!

amy said...

your LOs are rockin!!! wow nice.

Anonymous said...

Wow Amy, just love your paper Los and that Autumn bouquet is amazing. You had me spend some time on the Scrapology site, very interesting, mada me wonder if I should scrap 'paper' too! LOL!
Thanks for sharing, love it!

BHo said...

Tons of eye canddy here today, Amy. Your daughter is lovely too. Great invitation!

Anonymous said...

Great invitation! You might want to blank out the address -- lots of weirdos in the world.

verabear said...

your bouquet looks so pretty! and all the LOs are just eye candy.

great job on the invitations too, did your daughter help out? :)

hmmm 19 kids at a party.. the kids here (my nephews and nieces) always have about 20 or so kids present in their parties. hehehe :)