Monday, May 28, 2007

{where do tadpoles go when they die?}

Happy Memorial Day! It's a glorious summer day, the sun is shining, the tank is clean.... the tank is clean!! (Nemo, anyone?) We will soon be grilling out on the new deck, entertaining our children and their friends, and just enjoying a day off.

Well, I guess it's a day off. Just another day for me, except the hubby is home, which is always nice. Got up early this morning to work in the front yard while there was still shade out there. Hubby mowed the lawn (boy job!) while I weeded the flowerbeds and planted a few things. I love it when the garden looks like this!

A week or two ago, we discovered that our pond was full of tadpoles. As we had plans to drain it and clean it up, the girls panicked that all the tadpoles would perish, which of course, they would have. So they spent that whole day rescuing as many tadpoles as they could find. Seriously. THE WHOLE DAY. They put them in a bucket while we drained the pond, sprayed it down, and removed all the winter detritus that had fallen in it. No chemicals - totally organic cleanup. Then the girls added the tadpoles and plants back to the pond, where they were as happy as...well...tadpoles.

This morning as I was adding water to the pond, I couldn't find a single one. There were literally hundreds just last week, and none of them were big enough to actually be turning into frogs yet. Where did they go? Froggie heaven? There is no evidence at all that the pond was once full of baby frogs. Did the birds have a good lunch one day? It's a mystery. The girls haven't noticed yet, and it's possible that they won't remember until winter. Froggies were last week. This week it's Tomagotchies.

*latest layout: Weed*

I took these photos last month at my mom's house. Her playset has a slide; ours doesn't. Usually Alex had to have his hands held to go down. Now he just scrambles up the slide so that he can slide back down on his tummy. All on his own. Sniff. My little man is becoming my independent man. :(



Axel Schwenke said...

Childs are growing and they're going to be more and more independent. That's just the normal way. Greetings from Germany from a visitor who came coincidentally this way.

Rita Weiss said...

Oh no!! The poor tadpoles :( Love that page Amy. You are such a ball 'o talent. Seriously.

Emily said...

I just love that layout Amy! You are one of my scrapping idols! Thanks for stopping by my I've found YOU! :)

Jaime said...

I love the new blog! I am so glad that you are part of Christina's team with me! :) You are amazing and so sweet!! Thanks for all your compliments, they mean a ton to me! :)