Friday, August 17, 2007

{announcement #1}

Ok, it's been SOOOO hard hanging on to this news! I've wanted to shout about it for the last month! I was invited to join the Scrapologie design team! The #1 paper scrapping kit club wants a DIGI gal! How cool is that? I'll be doing hybrid projects for them each month, using their FABULOUS kits. I debuted this month with these projects:

I had SUCH a blast creating these, and I can't wait for next month!

We're gearing up for a birthday party this weekend. My little Jessie is turning 8 :( We're having a Harry Potter at Chuck E Cheese's. Don't know if you can mix those two, but we're gonna give it a shot!

We're also trying to fix up the house, weekend by weekend. For those of you who don't know, we built our own house almost 4 years ago, and there are still things left undone! Thanksgiving will be here this year, with lots of relatives who have never seen the place, so we're trying to get a head start. We still have shower doors to put on, closet doors to finish up, and kitchen cabinets that need glazing, among LOTS of little jobs. Anyone know where I can get a SMALL sectional for less than $2000? :p

Last on the to-do list is to finish up preparations for Huge Announcement #2. That will happen somewhere on or around Sept. 16th (my birthday, and no, that's not the announcement!), so stay tuned for that. I will be casually mentioning it every chance I get, just to build up curiosity ;) *giggle*

And with that, I'll leave you with a layout of my sweetie. I've been scrapping for about 11 months now, I think it's about time I do a layout with him as the sole subject! I did this one for the Hodge Podge Blog - I was a guest artist this week!

{latest layout}



Candice Carpenter said...

YEAH!! I'm so excited to be on the team with such talent as yourself. Conngrats to you girl! And i'm a newbie too so we can grow together. :-) Thanks for your awesome inspiration.

amy said...

huge congrats on scrapologie! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO

Karla said...

Hip Hip HOORAY!!!!!! I am so exited to be along side you! Your talent is out of this freakin' WORLD!!!!!

Say...I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for actually reading my last post. Everyone else pretty much skimmed it and commented on Kody going to School. I'm not mad, but the fact that you gave your love about my uncle meant a lot ya know? So yeah...thanx.

Chat soon honey,

Danielle said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!! I just adore your work and have added you to my blog fave list!

celine navarro said...

love love love what you did this month,Amy! you rock,girlfriend!

Mika said...

Great work love the lay out's. Have a great week Mika (

Anonymous said...

YAY, that is so, so exciting!! I'm so happy for I want to be you! :)

Jaime Young said...

Congrats Amy!! You so deserve it! I love your work! YAY!

Rita Weiss said...

Congratulations girlfriend!!!! You totally belong on the Scrapologie team, and way to ROCK your first kit. What a perfect fit! P.S. love that layout of your sweetie too.