Friday, February 29, 2008

{happy leap day!}

Leap Day always reminds me of Pirates of Penzance. Don't laugh! It stuck in my head how the pirate dude couldn't marry the girl (I think) because it turned out he was born on Leap Day and was only 1/4 as old as he thought he was. I probably desecrated that, but forgive me - it was years and years ago when I saw the movie version!

I got a new sofa! For months and months I have been searching for the perfect small sectional to replace our ratty, dirty, beat up, cut up couch. I finally found it:

My happy butt is sitting on it right now as I type this. I'm thrilled!

I know I'm very behind on sharing my photos, so I'll share a few of my faves:

Jessie and Alex made sock puppets the other day and even put on a show for the whole family.

We got to see a few of my favorite bands recently: Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and Seether. It was an awesome show! I accidentally bought floor tickets though, and 3.5 hours in 3" heels is not fun!

I found the coolest thing for my iPod!! Unique Skins is a website that lets you upload your own image to be made into a skin for your device. I designed this one to match my planner, and I am thrilled with how it came out! Easy to apply, and it fits my iPod PERFECTLY!

And this one is my absolute favorite! We were playing Guitar Hero the other night, and Alex decided to jump in as the singer! Look at him rock out!! How cute is that?

{latest layouts}

Some LilyPad goodies:

And a bit of introspection with lots of the latest from {we are} storytellers:

Here's to "leaping" forward! Cheers!


Emily said...

Love that couch! WOW! And of course your photos and layouts are always amazing!! Especially love that photo of Alex rockin' out! :)

Barb said...

Love the couch, the pics and the layouts! Lots to look at here today!

Shawna said...

Love the new sofa Amy! It looks so comfy!

We just saw the same concert here on Thursday night! It was an awesome show! BB is my fave band & it was our 2nd time seeing them & this show was even better than the first! We were right off the floor and it was crazy down there!

Rita said...

love your new couch! concert sounds fun. hope you soaked your feeties the next day ;) I am loving your photo a day. I want to start this. Such great little/everyday things to look back on.

20Birds said...

took me forever to get the photos , and still dont have photos of the planner i made for my mom.( and hers is way cooler i think)but here are links for mine

and i plan to blog about it right now also...

Rebecca said...

Ok, how cute is Alex???? I heart him!! :-)

verabear said...

Your coach looks so inviting, and the pillows - love! :)

The little rockstar right there looked so cute!

angelhugo said...

Love everything you do !!I had a wondeful time here,I will be back ,if you want ,visit my blog ...