Thursday, February 14, 2008

{the story is about to begin...}

As anticipated, We Are Storytellers will be open today! The official launch time is 5:00 p.m. PST, or 7:00 p.m. CST, my time. We are all very excited, and we know everyone will be very impressed with the site!

I finished up my yearly planner last night. Yes, I'm late, but better late than never, right? I design and print my own planner pages, because I can never find one that I like well enough to keep up with. So this is the one I made:

Each week has a 2-page spread with the day, date, and two mini-calendars at the top. I added some colorful stripes to keep it fresh, but wanted to keep most of it white, so as to not use too much ink (although I ended up cheating and had hubby print all 85 pages for me at work on his laser printer!). I really agonized over the design, and reworked it at least 4 times until I had something I was completely happy with.

Each month also has a two-page spread with a little column on the right to add notes to. This way I can easily see my whole month at a glance. The pages are all made from folded paper, so there is a front and back to each side, with no white space, and no gluing necessary!

I printed the front and back covers on transparencies to give it a bit of weight, and added Emily Power's Transparency Printables to give it a bit of flair (they will be available at Storytellers as well). For the front, I simply added a few basic paper supplies to dress it up: a coaster board that just happened to have the perfect punched holes, some ruler tape, and some Thickers numbers. I removed the binder mechanism from my old planner and added some ribbon, then put all the pages inside!

I also printed out some tabbed dividers on transparencies to make finding each month easy. I'm so happy with how it turned out! Easy to use, and oh so chic! The best part? You can now have one too!

I've packaged all the templates up and included everything I used to make my planner (except for Emily's transparency overlays and the paper products, of course!) so that you can print out and make one too! Make it look just like mine, or add your own papers and touches. It comes with complete, detailed, illustrated instructions, and it is available only at Storytellers.

The colors I used to make the planner coordinate perfectly with the kit that Emily Merritt and I have teamed up to offer you!

This has seriously turned out to be one of my favorite kits! Every paper in this kit would go perfectly as a background to the planner! See what our team members have done so far:

I haven't had time to sit down and play with it yet, but I plan to do that today! Can't wait!

A few more peeks of my other products you will find when the doors open:

{latest layout}

Lastly, here's a little layout I did with the new collab kit by the Powers sisters and Marcie Reckinger:

A little Valentine love :) Happy Valentine's Day! Cheers!


Karen aka lindse said...

wow when I read about your calender I kept thinking I HOPE Amy will put this up for sale - and you did wohoo! How do you print on transperancies? Mine always get smudged :( Can´t wait for to open - so exciting!

Sarah said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am just in love with your planner!!!!

And the pages from the team are fabulous!!!

I think I will need one of everything, LOL! :)

Emilie said...

Everything is so gorgeous!!!! WOW!

My Life and My Loves said...

oh so exciting my friend!!!

Barb said...

I LOVE that planner! I'm such a planner geek and can never find one that suits me the way I want.

Gorgeous stuff here Amy! I'm in big trouble for sure. Great layouts from the gang too....just beautiful!

Teresa said...

I'm so excited for you Amy!! You've got MAD skills, girl! :) Congratulations on everything!!

Mikkel said...

Great stuff! Can't wait to get my paws on some of it! Thanks for sharing! And AMAZING planner!

Emily said...

Love your planner!! YAY! :) And all those layouts from the girls look amazing! :)

jennieb75 said...

That planner looks awesome Amy!! Lovin' all the LOs from your crew... I'm dying to get my hands on that kit... you and Emily totally rocked it (lol... I NEED that little strawberry button and all the yummy papers!!) :)

Faith Ann said...

Good luck with "we are Storytellers"!! I'm anxious to go check out the site.

All of those layouts are gorgeous!

Rita Weiss said...

Oh my GASP! wonderwoman you!! I am off to buy this kit. Not sure when I'd find the time to use it, but, um, Must have it :) You amaze me. OH~ and that planner! eeeek!

verabear said...

all the layouts look fabulous, so does your planner :)

meems said...

omg, that planner looks awesome, you are so clever and creative! now I really can't wait until WST opens!

CD said...

what a jamm packed yummy post!
I wouldn't know where to begin commenting on it all so I will just say that your designs are so cute I am sure they will be a Huge hit! Good luck!!!!!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Congrats, Amy!!!! As you know, I LOVE your new goodies!!! :)