Monday, February 4, 2008


Not feeling so great today. I feel all achy, and I feel the chills coming. Ew. It's been through Helen, and today Jessie stayed home from school:

Poor thing! And she felt like this just yesterday:

So we're both sitting here watching Hannah Montana. The oldest just walked in from school, and she feels great! So unlike her. She will use any excuse to stay home, so I'm just waiting for her to catch it too ;) She made me cut her hair the other day. I fought like crazy to keep from doing it, but she won in the end, like she usually does. She's a bit extreme, and is not afraid of individuality at all, and I applaud her for that. I tease her and tell her she has "boy hair," but the truth is it's pretty cute on her:


The wee one is handling it like a trooper. Playing quietly by himself. Snapped this of him the other day:

He doesn't take regular naps. He quit doing that at 1. But occasionally, even he wears out. Wish I were doing that right now!

This is one of his favorite forms of entertainment recently:

Yes, that's a pillowcase over his head. He thinks he's hiding, but he's not fooling anyone. See the little footsies sticking out? heehee

latest layout

Some photos we snapped, preparing for her Valentine's cards. Hopefully we can find time to whip some up before the big day!

Here's to looooooong naps! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Love your photos and layout as always!! Yes, we do lead parallel know, the only food I really detest eating...tomatoes. :) Oh and I thought I'd answer your question about that night photo on my blog. No flash, no tripod!! Can you believe it! It's a dang good camera! :)

Barb said...

Awesome layout! Your kiddoes are so lovely....

We were all sick last week, ugh. Feel better!

Brandy said...

Amy, you have the cutest kids!!! I love the oldest's hair. It looks like it fits her personality perfect from the picture. You are one blessed Mama!

Sosofofie said...

Love it! You make amazing lo:s and I really like your style!

Have a great day!