Thursday, January 31, 2008

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We're gearing up for grand opening over at We Are Storytellers. As a treat for signing up for our newsletter, you can get these awesome treat toppers, made by the very talented Emily Powers. So go sign up at the blog to stay informed of the latest news, products, and sales, and get these sweet toppers for free!!

I can't believe how quickly this week has flown by! Tomorow's Friday? Really? Wow.

I did manage to take time to catch this little moment the other day:

Alex: "Get in, Daddy"
Daddy: inserts finger into front seat of tiny convertible.
Alex: "No, in the back, Daddy."

Too funny.

Helen was a sweetie Tues night and actually made dinner for ME! Her extra-special grilled cheese sandwich, made with mayo instead of butter for cooking. Sounds disgusting, I know. But it is WAY good! Got the idea from one of my GeekBrief podcast episodes. Love Cali! <3 Much better than butter. Try it. Don't worry, she used lowfat mayo and wheat bread for mine.

Ed and I had choir practice last night, and we went out to eat afterwords. Our own little date night. It's really the only alone time we get!

{latest layout}

Prima is being awesome and letting us flower girls play with the Prima Hybrid stuff too! I couldn't resist, being a digi girl myself. So, while I wait for what has come to be known as "the box," I at least got to do this:

Here's to imagination! Cheers!


Rita Weiss said...

amy, your photography is just stunning! that photo of the car and sweet fingers is unbelievable. way to rock the prima digi too! you go girl!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos!! Love that layout too, and how you have the smaller photos over the big one! So...I need to try that mustard thing, sounds interesting! :)

Sév said...

Your photos are wonderful but your LO are incredible !!!

I love youts design too ;)


iris said...

Dropped my jaw again! Wow this is beautiful. I'm like nursery digi and you are master's class! PHD even haha. But it is fun.

Barb said...

Gorgeous photos and layouts once again, Amy! I hate mayo, but that photo makes even me want to try that sandwich!