Monday, January 7, 2008

{days 2-5}

Five days later, and Project 363 is still a go! That's more than I can say for my exercise resolution.

Friday was a lazy day. The kids' last day of real vacation.


Saturday was equally lazy. Saturdays are family days, as illustrated by this Daddy sandwich:


Sunday required a trip to the grocery store for healthy foods and a purge of all leftover holiday food from the fridge:


Monday means back to our regularly scheduled routine. Work for me. School for kids, which means bath and bed earlier than they would like (photo overlay by Emily Meritt).


Here's to balance. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

LOL, love that bath photo!! And the Daddy sandwich is too cute too!! :) I'll have to remember these for inspiration! :) So glad you're keeping up on the photos...I love to see them!

Miranda Buijs said...

Great pictures..I really like the 'daddy sandwich'..that's really cool..LOL...

Barb said...

Love the pics....I'm going this too! Your fridge looks just like mine, right down the the Yoplait and the Kroger Cottage Cheese! :-)

Rita Weiss said...

fab idea and such GREAT pics!! love these amy :) and, yes, cheers to balance and order <--i need me some of that ;)