Monday, January 21, 2008

It's a long weekend for hubby and the kids, but not for me! Typical Monday for me. Back to work, after goofing off way too much this weekend. Hey, I gotta do something to keep me busy while I wait for my goodies from Prima! So I'm working on a yummy kit that is shaping up to be my favorite yet! I'll try to remember to post a sneak peek soon.

So, I've lost 3 pounds this week! Not much, but a good start. My big downfall while dieting is sugar. I love sweets! I came up with this protein smoothie when I was trying to avoid the box of ice cream staring me in the face. It's super simple, and way yummy!

3/4 cup lowfat cottage cheese
1 cup frozen fruit
Splenda, to taste
1/4-1/2 cup water

Just blend everything in a blender. I know it sounds gross, but it is sooo good! The cottage cheese adds protein, and makes it rich and creamy. I add a few tablespoons of Splenda to sweeten it, and just enough water so that everything mixes up. And it's much better in a pretty glass ;)

The weekend was pretty good. My parents came up to visit, just for fun. We did a little shopping, and I played Guitar Hero with my dad (hubby won't play with me anymore. he can't stand it that i'm better than he is!). I caught Jessie having a snack:

We bought Helen this new jacket, and she loves it so much that I think she slept in it! Hubby says she looks like a model in this photo. Well, of course she does! All our children are beautiful :)

{latest layout}

Here's to diligence and progress, with a healthy dose of relaxation! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the smoothie recipe!! Congrats on losing the 3 lbs. too!! And yes..your daughter does look like a model...but all of your children are beautiful! :)

Karla said...

can you get any better? I don;t freakin' think so! Holy Mac honey...your photography and that page...just stunning as always! Thanks so much for sharing! I need to catch up on my 365. Got sidetracked!

Catch you soon sweetheart :),

amy said...

great recipe - need to try it! congrats on the poundage lossage! :) and that day 18 pic - wowzers.

Aline said...

Oh wow, your photos are really good (love especially day13) and the layout is beautiful. Can't stop looking at it, thanks for showing!

BHo said...

Way to go on the weight loss, and great pics (and layout!). Keep up the good work. Now I'm off to try that smoothie......