Thursday, January 24, 2008

{my house is clean!}

Excuse me while I celebrate! It happens so seldom! Really, only the downstairs is clean. I will clean the upstairs tomorrow. At least all the living quarters look good (note sparkly "love" banners above shelves). We have some friends coming up from our hometown this weekend who have never seen our house, so I want it to be presentable. And as part of my ORDER campaign for 2008, I am really going to strive to keep it this way! It's so difficult to keep it straightened when all the bedrooms are upstairs. The kids like to play where the family is hanging out, so they bring all their toys downstairs. Then, naturally, they just stay there. It's a neverending cycle. Am I the only one who hates to clean? Some people are brilliant at it - but I suck. Badly.

My kit is in the store now, a whole hour early. I was in the scrapping mood earlier, so I created this with it:

Here's to clean spaces! Cheers!


My Life and My Loves said...

i showed amy wolff your blog a few days ago. we both agree that you are just so super talented in all ways. i love your house and would visit anytime!

fab photos - love the layouts - and the kit looks very nice!

hugs! lauren

Anonymous said...

Your house is so beautiful!! Love the yellow! :) And that kit is to die for...I'll have to pick it up! :)

20Birds said...

Amy i still have christmas deocrations up... I finally posted one of the CD calendars I did, as my SIL recieved her gift,,, DD will get ehrs on Mon and then I will pocst that one but here are links for the first one

awesome calendar kit, and I will go check out new kit

iris said...

My goodness, your digi kit is packed with so much goodies! And your photos are stunning! And you do great layouts... hey not fair! :) just kidding.

Rita Weiss said...

love the glimpse into your is beautiful! and clean! and that digi kit is gorgeous amy!!! love that page you made. you make me want to scrap digi again. so bad.