Friday, April 4, 2008

{friday shortlist}

  • I am just loving this right now! For all you Mac enthusiasts, you will appreciate the nostalgia.

  • Podcasts. Brilliant! My favorite, and only real regular one is PotterCast. Fun stuff!

  • I had to explain to Alex yesterday why boys don't wear bras. He wanted to wear my new pink one.

  • I really want some of these for my front yard.

  • How cute is all this pink? I wonder if my girls would let me put this in their room?

Have a great weekend! Cheers!


emily said...

omg...i snorted out loud on the bra please scrap that!!!! thanks for the laugh :).

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Anonymous said...

I have two of the Knock Out bushes and they are pretty. However, here in Colorado they are slow growing.

amy said...

lol love what kids ask.... so great

you've been tagged

Anonymous said...

Love all your fun things!! :) I love to be inspired by others, so thanks! :) You should be getting a package soon!