Thursday, April 24, 2008

{Be Bold!}

We (and by "we" I mean hubby) are now the proud owners of this:

I have to give him credit for holding out this long. It was a fun night in our house last night! The kids all got to help daddy set it up while I went to the grocery store (a lovely quiet hour alone with my iPod). I won't be using the new toy much until Final Fantasy XIII comes out (early next year, I hope)! That, and Guitar Hero are my only gaming weaknesses.

I treated myself to a rare trip to my local scrapbook store last week and found these goodies:

then used them along with lots of Prima to make this:

Isn't my nephew just gorgeous? Luckily, he takes after his mom instead of my bro ;)

The weather has been real nice lately, FINALLY! We've been spending lots of time outside. We got Alex a bat, glove, and some balls, and have been practicing with him in the back yard. He's a natural! I, who knows nothing about baseball or sports in general, took him out the other day, and he knew exactly how to hold the bat. He even turned sideways and did the "batter's wiggle"! I thought for sure his Daddy had taught him that, but it seems he just KNEW. I wish this photo had video, so you could see him shake his booty!

Unfortunately, you can't win 'em all!

I just have to brag a bit. My dear friend Emmer sent me this:

She is so talented! A handmade tie for Alex (I flipped over the one she made her son), and some hairbows for the girls! Aren't online buddies the best? And she has the best taste in fabric.

Speaking of fabric, I've been so inspired by bold fabrics lately! I wish I knew how (and had time) to sew! I do curtains, but that's about it. All straight-line stitching for me! So, instead, I created this kit:

Fun, funky, and BOLD! And on sale through the 28th ;)

Here's to being bold! Cheers!


Rita Weiss said...

oooo...Amy, what a fabulous post! so much goodness here :) That Prima page is just awesome and that tie (!!!) and your new digi kit....droooool. hot, hot, hot! hello from CA :)

Anonymous said...

Such a fun post to read! Alex looks so cute holding that bat!! And I can't tell you how excited I am that you love the tie and hair clips!! :)
And that new kit...WOW...I'm going to play with it today for sure! :)