Monday, April 7, 2008

{tying and tagging}

Kids grow up way too fast. I know everyone says it, but it's perfectly true. The amount of time they actually spend in the baby years is so short and fleeting. The wee one is now putting on his own shoes. Probably not a huge feat for a 3-year-old, but just another one of those things that he's now doing that he wasn't doing before.

After a week of rain, the sun finally made an appearance yesterday. Now all I want to do is go outside. I think Alex and I will take a walk today. We have to take advantage of the nice weather before it gets too hot!

Amy has tagged me, so I get to answer these fun questions:

Four Jobs I've Held:
  • MOM
  • Barnes & Noble Bookseller
  • manager
  • bowling ally attendant (my first, and most fun job)

    Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
    (this could get embarrassing)
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Ever After
  • The American President

    Four Places I've Lived:
  • Memphis, TN
  • Cleveland, MS
  • Lakeland, FL
  • Pullman, WA

    Four TV shows I like:
  • Sex in the City
  • House
  • American Idol
  • Friends (yes, still!)

    Four People Who Email Me Regularly:
  • Ed
  • Dad
  • Helen
  • my choir director

    Four Favorite Foods:
  • fish tacos
  • tuscan chicken Pizza at Old Venice
  • taquitos at our favorite Mexican joint
  • home-grilled turkey/sirloin burgers

    Four Places I'd Rather Be:
  • the beach
  • the beach
  • the beach
  • the beach

    Four People I'm Tagging:
  • Rita Weiss
  • Annie Manning
  • Emily Powers
  • Emily Merritt

    {latest layouts}

    I did this one at a fun online crop we had at Storytellers:

    This one is done with the latest Lilypad BYOC:

    Here's to slowing down! Cheers!

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for tagging me! :) You know I LOVE those layouts..I just love your style! :) And I just grow up too fast! :)

    Janine Wahl said...
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    Janine Wahl said...

    Gorgeous stuff, my dear! I was admiring that Lilypad page.

    Janine Wahl said...
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    Claire (shades of bliss) said...

    I know where Lakeland FL is!! I use to live in Plant City, FL. Not to far.

    Great layouts btw. Love the way you used the paint.

    Karin said...

    Gorgeous layout, Amy!

    Rita Weiss said...

    ahhhhh....such amy fabulousness!! love these pages. and thanks for the tag. I just updated the bloggage, but maybe I'll just add it to the end of my post. fun tag!