Monday, August 11, 2008

{first day of school}

such is life


I put my girls on the school bus for the first time this school year. It's always a bittersweet day for me. I'm always glad to get back to our normal routine, but it makes me ache to see them grow so fast. They were up extra early to get everything ready. New backpacks, new lunchboxes, tons of supplies. They had picked out there outfits last night. Jessie was bouncing off the walls with excitement. Can't you tell from that grin?


Helen will have to be the one to walk her to class today. That's usually a job for Daddy, but he had a meeting this morning and couldn't take them. I'm so glad they have each other. Their classrooms are even on the same hall this year!



I snapped this one of Morgan when she got home today. Her bus leaves at 6:22 (how's THAT for an exact schedule?) in order to get them there by 7:00, and I am usually still in bed at that time! And she's old enough that she doesn't need (or want!) Mommy to walk her to the bus stop ;)


shoppe talk

Speaking of school....

I have a new kit available at ScrapArtist this month! I'm going to have to use it myself to scrap those above photos!

Here's to living and learning! Cheers!


Catherine said...

Wow Amy, just love love that first photo of your DD getting on the bus! what effect did you use! the one of your 2 girls and your oldest are also amazing! they are such beauties! :)
Gorgeous kit as well, can' wait to see you use it! :)

amy said...

did you see the prima blog yesterday?!?!?! go look go look.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe school started for you already?!?!?!?! I have 2 more weeks yet. Your girls look so pretty. Hope their first day went well.

Amber Baley

Rita Weiss said...

That first photo of Helen getting on the bus is amazing Amy! wowzers! the girls look beautiful and so excited. I love that about the first day of school :) thanks for sharing all those awesome layouts!