Friday, August 8, 2008

{friday shortlist}

  • I love Mario :)

  • School starts Monday! Wahoo! I can get back to sanity.

  • My "jessie girl" will be celebrating her 9th birthday next weekend.

  • This awesome site creates very cool wordart from your blog:

  • Photobucket

  • No real pool progress yet, although they assure us we will be swimming next week.

  • Reading The Host while I wait for Audible to get the next Twilight book.

  • As of July 16th, I am the proud owner of a 15-year-old:

  • Photobucket

  • Helen just gets prettier every day:

  • Photobucket

  • The wee one is a nut, as I'm sure I've mentioned before:

  • Photobucket





    crissy said...

    oh i love these pads! i really need to format mine. i'm about two weeks behind but, at least i HAVE the photos!! such pretty kids you have! :) ttyl!

    angela said...

    great photos, girl! wow, school starts back up already!!! this summer flew by!