Wednesday, June 6, 2007

{queen of the crop}

The 10 finalists have been announced. I didn't make the cut, but I am so happy for those who did! I didn't go into the contest with a hope of winning, but rather to challenge myself. And who knew? I wouldn't have a chance at all if I didn't enter, right? I was very, very pleased with my layouts that came out of this contest. If nothing else, I think it really helped me define my style.

*week 1: She-Woman*

I often tell my husband how multi-talented I am, even though he doesn't quite believe me! This layout is all about my different roles in life, specifically as mom, wife, artist, and friend. I used a duplicated photo that was treated with different actions to give them each individuality. They're all me, but they're all different!

*week 2: Beach*

My wish. 'Nuff said.

*week 3: Everyday*

My daily schedule is chaos, even though I don't have one of those "job" things! A cocktail always calms me down at the end of the day.

*week 4: Observe*

My middle daughter brought home a card for mother's day that she had filled out with all the things she thought made me a good mother. It was a joy looking through her eyes!


Anonymous said...

I loved EVERY ONE of your layouts and can't believe you didn't make it to the top! I just have to tell you that your shadowing is AMAZING. I always get lost in the depth of your pages! :) Have a super day Amy!

Karla said...

WHAT???????????? I cannot believe your TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have GOT to have your own book right? I mean LOOK AT WHAT YOU DO.....I gotta go tell me girl Ronda about right now so bye!


Catherine (chud23) said...

Gorgeous Amy! You totally deserved to be among the finalists!
Love your blog too, will come back later for a better look!

Rita Weiss said...

Your talent amazes me. Do you do much paper scrapping? i'm looking for a card designer for my little shop.... :)