Monday, March 17, 2008

{ therapy}

Spring is threatening to visit. Just when the temperatures get up into the 70's again, we have a cold day with a night of marble-sized hail. Today was nice, though. The kids spent the day playing outside, which was real nice for me! They have their official Spring Break this week, so I have a household of 4 kids (or 5, since one had spend-the-night company last night) instead of only 1.

Easter is less than a week away! I often say that God always gives us a nice sunny day for Easter, so I hope it's true this year as well! We spent last weekend shopping for Easter outfits. I can't wait to take some pictures! The kids are going to be adorable, and Alex will have his first tie! I picked up a couple goodies for me as well. My $4 flip flops (hey, I'm hopeful) from Rue 21 and my $5 bag from Gap (outlet mall shopping rocks!):

And I couldn't pass up these cute Croc-like shoes for Alex at Target:

Now he'll have something easy to slip on for our upcoming days in the garden (yes, still being hopeful).

I need some circle cutter advice. I got the CutterBee Circle Scissor Plus for a CD album I did recently:

I have to say, for as much as this thing cost, I'm a little disappointed. It was hard to cut an even circle. My cuts kept overlapping, and I ended up wasting some really pretty paper! Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

Speaking of the aforementioned CD album, I made this easy album for my mom's birthday that we celebrated while we were in the mountains. It's a hybrid album - the photo pages are all paper scrapped (with incredible Prima goodies!), but the title pages are digital. It was easy and fun! I can't wait to make myself one!

I've been a busy bee lately! I've been collaborating with an incredibly sweet, talented gal! Annie Manning and I will have a fun Spring kit to present within a matter of days! I'll try to post a sneak peek as soon as it's ready. All in all, life continues to treat me well :)

{latest layout}

Some imagery from our day stuck in the cabin due to snow. If only all our days could be like this!

Here's to a sunny Easter! Cheers!


Barb said...

I swear I've bought every circle cutter ever made. The only one that's worth a damn is the one from Creative Memories, believe it or not. I can't tell you how many times I've stooped to the plate-and-a-pencil method.

Fun layout!

Brittany said...

My circle cutter sucks, too. Let's make a club for crappy circle cutters, eh? :)

I'm super excited to see what you and Annie have planned for a collab. Woot!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm glad I haven't bought a circle cutter yet then!

Can't wait to see those photos of everyone in their Easter clothes!!

Can't wait to see the kit with Annie! :)

Rita said...

Those flippies are adorable! $4...get out! LOVE that page. Totally inspiring to is all your fabu work. I'm praying for nice Easter weather too :) xo