Monday, June 9, 2008

{it's hot!}

book winners!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last post. I love hearing from my readers!! has given me the following winners:


Congrats to you lucky three! Send me an email (<--- on left column) with your address, and I'll get your book to you right away!

such is life

I had a date last Friday! Hubby and I went out for a night on the town. We had happy hour at Firebirds, one of the best places for half priced martinis and appetizers.

Then I coerced Ed to take me to go see Sex AND The City. (My daughter has reprimanded me for calling it Sex IN the City. Oops. I like it better that way!) Loved it. Cried on several occasions. Highly recommend it if you like the girly thing.

It's been in the 90's here lately. I'm loving it. I am a summer girl all the way! We did some much-needed yardwork yesterday. 3 hours mowing, trimming, planting, and mulching. The yard finally looks great, or at least as good as it can right now. It's finally dried up enough that the grass is really greening up nicely. After 4 years, I finally got someone from the water company out too look at the road in front of our house. For the last couple years, water has come up through the street from some unknown source. A lot of that water ends up in our yard and turns things to mush. Turns out a water main has broken, so they will shortly begin tearing up the street in order to fix it. It won't bother me one single bit if they can stop this water!

latest layout

Still scrapping camping photos!

Here's to summer! Cheers!


Rita said...

Get out of town....ME?!!! wahoo! Can't wait to read that book. Glad you had a fun date night (and got to see that movie! I can't wait to see it)...and, as usual, what an AMAZING page. You are my mostest favorite digi gal eva! just amazing. xo

Faith Ann said...

lol I *always* call it Sex IN the City too... and am subsequently corrected. "And" just doesn't sound right to me, even if that is what it's called lol.

Sév said...

rohh, I come too late !!! I loooove your design but CONGRATS for the 3 lucky winners !!!

Anabelle said...

I just adore your layout. All of your work is just stunning!!!

savynabk said...

oh my!!! this is really amazing!!! ilove everything here!!! the shadow work is stunning!!