Monday, July 30, 2007


Things are always moving forward. It seems so rare when they move in the direction you are actually aiming for, so it is such a blessing when they do! In my life, it seems I have long periods of going nowhere, followed by a short period of arriving at several places all at once! Yes, I'm being vague on purpose. I have two HUGE things to announce soon, but not yet. Almost there, though.

We went to my mom's in Mississippi this past weekend (a 2 hour car ride for us). I was bored in the car on the way home, so I thought I would document some of the trip, via my camera, from the passenger side window. And so I present, "The Delta, as Seen Passing Through" (which is the only way you'd want to see it!):

Corn. Lots of Corn.

Grain Storage, or Architectural Masterpiece?

A Not-So-Unusual Landmark

Old & Rusty

Cotton: The Only Snow You Get in the South

When Rain Doesn't Come

Flat. Very Flat.

Shack Shop

Not For Transportation

A Not-So-Unusual Landmark II

Highway Companions

The Famous Service Station

Feel like a redneck yet? ;)

The best part of a trip is getting home!

Civilization At Last

Driving in Memphis

latest layout

How 'bout one layout just for fun? This one uses the awesome Birthday Collab at the The LilyPad!



Rita Weiss said...

Yeah for HUGE news!!!!! awesome pics...and that layout *gasp* :)

Karla said...

I am sooooooo exited that you re going to be with us!!!!!!!!! I am taking off August because I have like LOADS to do but I will be jammin' with you in September!!!!! Oh girl...I am so happy for you. You seriously are super talented and so blessed!

Chat soon sweetheart,