Monday, July 2, 2007

{one kidless week}

All four of the kiddos have been gone since last Saturday. That's NINE days, with one more to go. They are with their grandparents' until we leave for Florida on Wednesday. I was ok for the first 7 days, but I have reached my limit. I want to see my children! I will see them tomorrow night, so I guess I can hold off one more day, especially since I have so much to do today to get ready for the trip (as I sit here playing on the computer instead)!

We have been using our time without them wisely, though. Friday night we went to the casino because we had a couple $20 gift cards. We ended up gambling the $40 free dollars, and coming away with $120! I'd call that a profit! We liked the winnings so much, that we were hesitant to spend any! Seriously, get this: Our plan was to go have fun at the casino, try our luck, then have a nice expensive dinner while we were there. But once we got that money in our hands, we decided to drive back to Memphis, grab a cheap burger at our local bar, and we only had ONE drink! LOL Are we nuts? But now we still have $100 to buy something cool.

Saturday was the fireworks show downtown. One of our favorite bands, Skillet (who is, incidentally, a Memphis band!) was playing, and the show was free. More cheap entertainment! We took a cooler and some chairs, and had a couple fun hours downtown. I even got the whole band to sign my t-shirt. Adult fun.

latest layouts

*quick change artist*

I took these photos on our camping trip. They were taken one right after the other. She was all pouty, then I clicked the shutter, and she changed her attitude, just like that!

*catch it*

These photos were taken a couple months ago, at the Hutchinson family reunion. It was hot outside, so Alex decided he wanted to play a little game of indoor catch with a teensy football. A little practice, and he's much better at it!



Jaime Young said...

Love the new pages and congrats on your winnings!!. How are you doing? Hope that everything is well :)